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The Bride and Groom

kylee mernagh


It was our second year of architecture school, Kylee and I were friends and had just gotten back from a group trip to Colorado. I got to sit next to her in studio, which you basically spend 30 - 40 hours a week there in class and working on your projects. Imagine now, 30 - 40 hours of time about 10 feet away from a widely attractive woman who can make just about anything fun. This is what I had to deal with. It was both the best possible situation any man could ask for, and the worst. Instead of focusing on my architecture design, papers for other classes, and FAFSA for the upcoming year, I was refilling Kylee's water, helping her use design programs, and fixing her computer problems as much as I could. It was pretty obvious that I was interested in her more than anything around me. This friendship brought us closer through simple acts of kindness and a whole lot of studio work that became fun games and activities. I thought I was being sly and helpful without her knowing that I liked her, but one day she looked straight in my eyes and said "Is there anything else you would like to tell me?". I paused, knowing exactly what she meant and knew she figured me out, but I wasn't ready yet and said, "maybe another time". Hint: there was another time :)

Most of you have met Kylee, but some are just dying to know what she is like. First, you will notice her beauty, her smile, and her general excitement for just about everything she does. Then, you will get to experience her joy for discovering your story, where you come from, and what matters most to you. She holds no judgements, carries everything with a light heart and a heavy smile, and brings the light to every situation. When she talks about herself, she might mention her playful cat, Patricia, her families dog, Ziggy, or her wonderful family members on both sides of the family. Since she was the president of Pi Beta Phi at K-State, she will probably know someone through a long line of connections that surprises me every time. She might not talk about her love for Christ, but she reveals his grace and mercy through her generosity and forgiving spirit. If you spend enough time with her, you will find out she can crochet a blanket, make delicious meat loaf muffins, and listens to some jammin' music. She is passionate about human rights, social justice, giving to those in need, and living a simple but radical life for the sake of others.

I knew Kylee was the one when God called me to love her. I never expected this woman to be my future bride, but she continues to swoon me every day. I am so excited for everyone to meet her and to celebrate!

 Written by the groom 



“JUSTIN ALEXANDER JENNINGS!!” was what we heard, in a large and booming male voice at 10:30 PM in the Detroit airport. We turned around to find an annoyed security guard handing Justin his passport back, it had fallen out of a pocket. That guard’s voice screaming the name of the one I love is burned into my memory, maybe because at that moment nothing else around me made any sense. We had just been kicked out of Prague because of a global pandemic and given 36 hours to return home. The world was pretty anxious and fearful during this time. However, this moment in the airport taught me that whenever someone screamed, “JUSTIN ALEXANDER JENNINGS”, I got to turn around too. And knowing that gave me a peace that I still can’t describe. (We weren’t engaged yet, but I had to pack up Justin’s things when we got kicked out of Prague, and totally found the ring box, so I knew we’d be together forever.)

For those of you who haven’t met Justin, I’d like to describe what a conversation with him might be like. He looks like a pretty normal guy when you first see him, and if he’s wearing his backpack, the strap in front will be buckled, so it doesn’t move around if he needs to start running. It’s goofy, but charming (and practical). First, you will probably see his intense sincerity and care for whoever is in front of him. He’ll really try to get to know you. When he talks about himself, you will probably hear about disc golf or rock climbing. Maybe some drumming or Cajon playing. He will likely tie in his family, and how much they mean to him. He might talk about his love for Christ, but that’s much more apparent in his demeanor. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear about his incredible ability to bond with cats, raise geckos, and cook up a mean stir fry. The things he won’t tell you, however, are numerous. He is wildly intelligent. He can talk to your computer and make it do what you want it to do. He is loyal and looks out for his friends. His kitchen is always clean. He has an incredible eye for truth, beauty and goodness, in life as well as the design world. Oh, and he can randomly run like 8 miles at a time, it makes me want to throw up, but it’s very impressive.

One of the most reassuring things for me about Justin was how immediately my family and friends loved him. They knew we’d be together before we even started dating (and they were always very upset when he didn’t come home with me). I never expected this man to come into my life. However, now that he is here, I never want him to leave. I’m beyond excited for all of my extended family and friends to meet him and cannot wait to celebrate with you all!

Written by the bride 

Our Story

+  Pretending to build together on a hike in Colorado +

Pictured here, is a lean-to timber constructed building that Justin and Kylee built during a hike through the ‘Rado. Just kidding. They stumbled upon it and wanted to make it look like they built it. Either way, it’s a great picture. You see, architecture was the first thing that allowed our bride and groom to cross paths. The groom, knowing it was his dream job since he was 11, and the bride, just looking for a degree that didn’t require more calculus classes. Truly, the Lord was directing them towards each other.

After sitting by each other in class whenever possible, the couple solidified a friendship during this trip to Colorado with 20 other pals their sophomore year at Kansas State. After Justin’s confirmation into the Catholic Church that spring, he mustered up the courage to tell Kylee he wanted to be more than friends. She was caught way off guard, and never saw it coming, but when she told her closest friends none of them were surprised. That was a good sign, so she went for it! Their dating relationship consisted of many laughs, many more hours in the architecture studio, and a lot of good food along the way. Come February of 2020, the couple was bright eyed and ready to study abroad for the semester in the Czech Republic. Little did they know what lay ahead. Within the first half of 2020, they traveled to 4 countries, got exiled from 2, missed an international flight, spent a quarantine together, discovered tuna wraps, lived in a few different cities, and of course, got engaged! This crazy time was only reassuring that truly, they can do anything together.

Some of Justin and Kylee’s favorite things to do together are go disc golfing, go to other people’s weddings, have a bonfire with friends, maybe play some sand volleyball, and sit under really good trees. A fun fact is they will both be 23 at the same time for one week, and that’s the week they’re getting married! Finally, they live by the motto, “People don’t think it be like it be, but it do.” -Oscar Gamble, T-Pain.


grace mernagh

Bride's Sister & Maid of Honor

Grace is Kylee’s younger sister. She’ll claim to be funnier and smarter as well, but that’s only because she wants a little more attention. Grace is a first year in the architecture program at K-State and lives across the street from Kylee, so they get to hang out way too much. She enjoys making espresso drinks, teaching kids how to swim, making everyone laugh, and organizing everything about this wedding that Kylee has left disorganized. Some of her best traits are her joy, honesty, ability to burp louder than anyone else in the room, and fitting the role as “youngest sibling” extremely well.

kaylor nordhus

Maid of Honor

Kaylor and Kylee’s friendship started on their high school track team, and at practice after 3:15 PM, the pair never stopped giggling. This transferred into Kansas State, where the two were next door neighbors during their sorority years, and pulled each other closer to Christ. Kaylor also was able to know and love Justin during college, which was one of Kylee’s favorite things to see. Kaylor is a full time FOCUS missionary at the University of Utah #GoUtes and has a gift for designing and handmaking beautiful clothing.

joel jennings

Groom's Brother & Best Man

Joel is Justin's older brother. Through finding worms in the ground to asking girls out on dates, Joel has been "the" big brother for Justin growing up. Joel is a musician, artist, comedian, salesman, friend, and deep thinker. He searches for meaning and adventure in everything he does, and does not let the world tell him what to do. That being said, he is also one of the most down to earth, caring, fearless, and in my opinion, genius human beings I know. He can make you cry and laugh with art and jokes like no one else. Joel is currently living in Los Angeles exploring the West Coast.

kyle demel

Best Man

Kyle met Justin through a GroupMe invite to live with them in a college house together. Over many turbulent relationship conversations, Kyle and Justin formed a oddly strong friendship by going through life's struggles as any college student would. Kyle helped Justin enter the Catholic Church as a brother striving towards greatness and sacrifice. He is also one of the goofiest and humble guys you will ever meet. Kyle's simple philosophies on life and daily weather updates brought joy and daily conversation to a new level. Kyle is now attending Kenrick Glennon-Seminary in St. Louis to pursue the priesthood.


abigail murray


Abbie and Kylee were roommates during their junior year of college and realized they could be long time friends. They loved heading to St. Isidore’s at K-State for Thursday night mass, then continuing on to Aggieville for 50 cent wells. Between being a mozzarella stick enthusiast and caring for her dog, Mark, Abbie spends her hours as an impressive Med Student at KU.

grace buessing


Grace and Kylee once warmed up for volleyball tryouts together, and the rest was history. After completing a few Reno County runs, co-managing a garage filled with sharp tools and high school kids, and being engaged at the same time, the two were bound for lifelong friendship. Grace is a woman of all trades - she will bake you a killer pie right after she changes your tire and beats you in a race. 

jordan schartz


Jordan and Kylee met back in middle school sports and they were arch-enemies. Luckily for them, they became friends through Angels of the Holy Queen in high school, climbed a mountain together, and never looked back! Jordan is always ready for a laugh, cup of coffee, or a game of catch. She graduated from KU in 2020 and is changing the world as a social worker. 

mary ebberwein


Mary and Kylee established an ability to laugh at each other early on in their highschool years, and it’s only grown since. After multiple track meets, nights spent laughing until one of them peed, and debating about who gave who lice while camping on a mountain, the two couldn’t be separated. Mary is graduating in May from Notre Dame and will likely be on another exciting adventure soon!

celine jennings

Sister of Groom & Bridesmaid

Celine is the groom’s younger sister. The two share fond memories of growing up and have been able to deepen their relationship in college. Celine is passionate about standing up for what is right and just and getting others there too! You can find them on the University of Minnesota’s campus, likely leading a protest or fundraiser, and fostering some cats along the way!


jack serfas


Jack and Justin met in the 4th grade and have been close friends ever since. Baseball, airsoft, minecraft (we even have a YouTube channel), were all activities we bonded over growing up. If you have met Jack, you know he can make a joke out of anything, which livens any party up! Jack graduated from Mizzou in 2020 and is working at Assistance Home Care full time.

zach grasso


Zach has been the neighbor and close friend of Justin since the 3rd grade. Airsoft, campfires, and board games filled their time together through many laughs and adventurous times. He is the definition of hospitable, and is trustworthy in his friendships. Zach loves tinkering with dirt bikes, playing water polo, and hosting great parties. Zach is graduating from Missouri State in 2021.

austin mernagh

Groomsman & Brother of Bride

Austin is the bride’s little brother, but he really isn’t that little anymore. Being a goofy and caring guy, he is always down for a quick facetime just to say hello, a conversation over some cookies and milk, or dressing up as salt and pepper with his sister for halloween. Austin is a decathlete for the Benedictine track team, studying education and history.

grant leonard


Grant and Justin met at Kansas State University as college roommates. After sharing bunk-beds for three years, the late night talks added up and led to the fruition of their vocations. You can find Grant selling athletic trading cards, debating politics, cooking meat, and watching the Chiefs play just about any day of the week. He is living in KC with his wife, Danica.

collin tretter


Collin is a close friend and roommate of Justin. They can tell dad jokes all day, get into the nitty gritty of architecture and engineering, and geek out about snowboarding when winter comes. Collin is a genuine, respectful, and strong friend that stands up for what is right. You can find him playing with his dogs Jake and Murphy, or his soon to be puppy, Jeff. Collin will be working full-time in KC in the spring.



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